Horse Printed Pashmina Shawl

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In the picture of a horse called Lungta (the wind horse) reminds us of a horse roaming to the sky, which roam around with nomads to make them feel secure. They are good at moving one place to the other swiftly, even in high places. Prayer flags called Tarcho of Buddhist scriptures flutter in the wind everywhere in Tibet. They are for the purpose of vertues of Sutra reaching up to many places in the world.


Horse Printed Pashmina Shawl has the painting from our world renown artist Mr. Tenzin Norbu who hails from a long lineage of painters from the remote Dolpo region of Nepal, his paintings depict local myths, history and the lifestyle of the people living in the High Himalayas.


We use specialist digital printing for shawls resulting in rich, intense colours.


50% pashmina 50% wool


Reference the specific item care on the product tag for specific washing, cleaning and care instructions. Many of our knitted items are made of animal fiber like wool and alpaca, which means that agitation while washing can cause the fabric to “felt,” or merge together to form a stiff, tight fabric. DO NOT machine wash these pieces. In general, you should gently hand wash the piece in cool, soapy water using a mild detergent or baby shampoo. Carefully swirl the knitted piece around in the water – never wring, twist or pull on the wet item. To dry, carefully lay the item out flat on a towel and blot to remove excess water, being careful not to stretch.

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Dimensions 215 × 73 cm