Bookmark with Terai Muli Bamboo Design

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The Bookmark is handmade from white metal by Nepalese silvermiths and hand craved by skilled local artisans. With the design of the Muli Bamboo found wild in the Terai reigion of Nepal.


The design is of the Terai Muli Bamboo which occurs sporadically wild along the outer foothills of Nepal.


Made by skilled craft men through casting or hammering sheets of brass which are then finished and coated with layers of silver with meticulous care. The silver coating ranges from 3 to 10 microns based on international standard of quality.


White Metal


When used regularly,Clean it with liquid soap and sponge, and dry it with soft cloth, Occasionally polish it with our special polishing cloth. If not used regularly white silver gets oxidized, the dark layer can be removed by polishing the silver with specially treated polishing cloth. You can also use Silvo polish and then rub it off with a soft funnel cloth. To keep your silverware gleaming.

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Dimensions 6 × 5.5 cm