Our Philosophy

From an ethical perspective our philosophy begins with a set of core values which involves visiting local workshops who have excelled in their design spirit, showing consistent quality of work and using environmentally friendly materials.

Championing Local Design,
Material and Environment

Every year we visit local workshops which have excelled in their design spirit, consistent quality of work using environmentally friendly materials. Creating products that are in harmony with Nepal’s culture and environment, materials and traditional wisdom. We aim to incorporate ideas across our product collections.

Designed in collaboration

We honor local talented artists who’s paintings we have showcased in our flagship store. Himalayan Atelier is delighted to present a group of artworks from selected local artists. They all share a theme of representing Nepal through various styles and approaches.

Source of Materials

Product lines and packaging are designed by local artists using ecological materials and are all made in Nepal by local artisans. Felt baubles on our packaging are made from wool which are hand rolled by women around the valley. Our fabrics are where possible naturally dyed, using seeds and minerals local to Nepal. Waste fabric is sent back from our stores back to the workshops to be reused as our perfumed sachet covers.

Our Loktha stationary is made from the sustainably harvested bark of the forest under growth called Loktha, which is native to Nepal. The Loktha or Nepali Kaagaz has been used by the Nepalese people since time immemorial. Made from the bark of the plant, it has traditionally been used in manuscripts while preparing legal documents. Loktha paper’s wonderful durability and resistance to tearing, humidity, mildew and insects have traditionally made Loktha paper the referred choice for recoding official government records, sacred religious texts and historically all forms of identification.
In the Wild Crafted Collection we bring to you the treasures of nature from the forests and plains of Nepal in line with our conservation efforts. Such as our pure bees wax candles which have been hand poured with hand braided cotton wick, infused with natural essential oils. Buying pure beeswax candles helps in sustaining our local bee farms. These come with containers made from the famous red clay of Nepal (sold separately).
A community of women come together to re-use newspapers to make our re-cycled paper pencils. We take pride in buying from the ingenious women who have created on their own, these wonderful alternative to wooden pencils.
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